UBan Co Projects

Adopt-a-Barangay Manga District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol May 2013 – present

Adopt-a-Barangay Manga is one of the integrated extension project of the university in its effort to strengthen community involvement of the academe, community relations and university social responsibility with the direction of promoting sustainable communities.

Manga is one of the 15 barangays in Tagbilaran City. Located 5.8 kilometers away from the University of Bohol, it is a fishing community with a population of 5,224. It considered Manga as a geographically isolated and depressed area (GIDA) of the city.

Manga Elementary School is the adopted school of University Junior High School under the program. It is the 3rd largest elementary school of the City of Tagbilaran, with its Kindergarten to grade 6 enrolment of 956 as of June, 2017.


Sevilla-Loboc Community Enterprises in Support of Ecological-Cultural Tourism (SLCE-EcoTour) Project

The project contributed to the reduction of poverty in the community through the establishment of community-based enterprise which supported ecological-cultural tourism. Tourist destination had been developed and popularized giving increased earning opportunities to the People’s Organization (PO) and their members. In Ewon-Lobgob, Sevilla, Bohol, the Sipatan Hanging Bridge complex was improved and converted into a prime ecological tourism destination giving increase income to the PO and barangay members.


Adopt-a-Barangay Tiptip District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol August 2015 – Present

Barangay Tiptip is one of the 15 barangays in Tagbilaran. It is located 5.2 kilometers away from the University of Bohol and is a contiguous barangay of Manga. It has a total population of 4,882. There are six sitios in Barangay Tip – tip; Sitio Casa, Sitio Cob – Cob, Sitio Pasan, Sitio Bunos, Sitio Aghuban and Sitio Elley Hill.