UB co-host 9th PGBH-CSO Week Celebration 2021

The UB Wellness Team.(From left to right) - Mr. Cesar Merencillo, Jr. (NSTP Coordinator), Edralyne Seth B. Besa (Program Chairperson BSPT), Ms. Ivana Lei Rosales (Faculty CPTOT), Ms. June Grace Epe (Program Chairperson BSOT), Dr. Marilou V. Fudalan (Community Extension Services Officer), Ms. Charity Esmero (faculty member College of Arts and Sciences), Atty Gregorio Austral (dean College of Law), Atty Marie Nickie Bolos-Delgado (faculty College of Law)

The University of Bohol successfully co-hosted a one-day activity during the 9th Province of Bohol-Civil Society Organization (PGBH-CSO) Week Celebration held last September 29, 2021, at Panda Tea Gardens, Tagbilaran, City.

The one-day activity was geared towards addressing mental health issues caused by disruptions in the workplace and home due to the pandemic. The activity also tackled the issue of protecting the intellectual property rights of CSO innovations and creations. Through stress-relieving exercises, the participants were afforded some refreshing ways to unwind and de-stress one’s themselves.

In the morning session, Ms. June Grace Epe, OTRP, MAOT, program chairperson of the BS Occupational Therapy, discussed the topic on morning exercises for better mental health that includes mindful breathing meditation, neck and shoulder meditation, neck and shoulder yoga, green care, and cognitive behavioral therapy, which can all be performed in the workplace.

The afternoon session, dubbed as "Legal Viewpoint," was handled by Atty. Gregorio Austral, dean of the UB College of Law, with Atty. Nickie Marie Bolos-Delgado, UB College of Law Professor, gave a lecture on Copyright Infringement, Patents, and Trademarks.

The successful activity was made possible by the Community Extension Services Office (CESO), National Service Training Program (NSTP), Student Affairs Office (SAO), and College of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy (CPTOT). (Dr. Malou V. Fudalan)