UBians Star in Int'l Karatedo Tourney

Two students of the University of Bohol Junior High School Department (UB-JHS) emerged victorious in the recently concluded International e-Karate Championship.

Stiffany Mae Alvarez, a Grade 9 student, and Mark Vincent Lucero, a Grade 10 student of the UBJHS, grabbed the gold and bronze medals in the Budokan World e-Karate Championship Series 2021, held last May 15-16, 2021. The duo officially competed under the Tagbilaran City Karatedo-Sphinx Shotokan Karatedo International Japan Karate Shoto (SS-KI-JKS) University of Bohol Junior High School team.

Meanwhile, UB Karatedo Team Coach Sensei Sonny Alvarez successfully elevated his international rank to 1st Dan in the Japan Karate-Shoto Federation. Karatedo is one of the various sports that UB continues to promote and develop under the stewardship of Lt. Col. Lino N. Garsuta, the UB athletics coordinator.

It can be recalled that the university has consistently produced athletes who have competed and won in international swimming, weightlifting, and karatedo competitions

(Leo Armando Boncales / Elijah Sales)

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