UB shows support for deaf community, envt’ l sustainability

As part of the My UB T.R.E.E. (Taking Responsibility of Mother Earth and Environment) Project, the University of Bohol (UB) recently donated a truckload of glass bottles to the Hammer and Nails Livelihood Center, Inc. (HNLC). The glass bottles are broken into powder and made into stronger than usual hollow blocks, based on a PSI test. The hollow blocks are sold, and the proceeds form part of the salaries for HNLC’s skilled masons and carpenters who are deaf.

As one of IDEA Philippines’ Employment and Income Generating Projects in Bohol, HNLC capacitates and empowers the deaf into productive members of society, translating disability into abilities.

UB encourages everyone to help HNLC and the environment at the same time by sending them your broken glasses, mirrors, and unused bottles. They are located inside the compound of the Dao Diamond Hotel in Brgy. Dao, Tagbilaran City.

By supporting their initiatives, we foster self-reliance and economic equality for our differently-abled brothers and contribute to environmental sustainability.

(Elijah L. Sales)