The University of Bohol – Computer Engineering Students Association (UB-COMPESA) held the SUMOBOT V1.0 2020 competition last March 4, 2020, at the UB – Founders Lounge. The competition was part of the Technocraft 2020 event.

SUMOBOT v1.0 2020 was the first-ever sumobot competition conducted on the premises of the University of Bohol. The competition is part of yearly scheduled events of the Institute of Computer Engineers in the Philippines, of which UB’s Computer Engineering department is a member.

The sumobot competition involved the creation of autonomous robots with the brain of a sumo wrestler. Just like a sumo match, the sumobots main goal is to get their opponent out of the ring. The typical sumo robot uses an infrared sensor to detect the ring or dohyo so it can sense that it still inside the ring. The competing robots were made from scrap materials like chopping boards, old toys and were just combined with sensors to detect things and automate itself.

Participants for the solo and battle category included 5th-year computer engineering students Allison Jay G. Ejares and Christian A. Oerba, 4th-year computer engineering student Jan P. Belderol, 5th-year electronics and communication engineering student Rios Carlos P. Celades, and Junior High School students Cindy A. Casquejo, Joshua D. Talaid, and Lamuel Moses J. Tirol coached by John Kevin Bustamante and Jireh Faith Ronquillo.

Participants of the workshop were 5th-year Computer Engineering students currently enrolled in the CpE 528 subject along with some 4th-year students of the department, while the resource persons were Engr. Jay Paul Aying, a UB Computer Engineering graduate and Mr. Joseph Mangmang, a programmer of BlendIT.

Rios Carlos P. Celades, emerged as the champion in the round-robin solo match while Christian A. Oerba won the battle royal category.

Organizers of SUMOBOT V1.0 2020 led by UB-COMPESA President Lance Gabriel D. Buslon, adviser Engr. Victor John L. Anunciado, faculty member Engr. Liduvina L. Namocatcat, Engr. Bem B. Gumapac and Engr. Juswe G. Saligan were ecstatic with the turnout and reception of the said event and are already looking ahead to next year’s edition. Likewise, organizers are planning to join future inter-school competitions for computer engineering students.

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