UB SNED club complete basic sign language classes

A total of 13 members of the University of Bohol Special Needs Education (SNED) club completed the Basic Community Sign Language Classes sponsored by IDEA Philippines last September 9-19, 2019, at Galleria Luisa Activity Center, Tagbilaran City.

The 10-session classes were participated in by more than a hundred students and working professionals from across the city and neighboring towns in Bohol. The Basic Sign Language class was formally introduced to the public, to raise awareness and understanding about hearing-impaired individuals. It also aimed to spread the idea that the hearing-impaired can be productive in their own unique ways and find acceptance in the community.

The SNED club members who attended the sign language classes were Chery Mae Adorable, Mary Ann Arancon, Jella Marie Atup, Mercy Wen Dinsay, Juliah Gulle, Mary Coleen Ingking, Joscelyn Lajot, Maribel Mante, Phreyna Blaisse Orcullo, Michelle Paderna, Mary Jean Ramada, and Khrystel Care Saluague.

Ms. Evamy M. Alaban, an instructor of the UB Teachers College chaperoned the students.