Students of the University of Bohol - Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center - (UB-VDTALC) crowded the school’s quadrangle last November 13, 2019, in celebration of the Science Month Opening, with the theme, “Science for the People: Enabling Technologies for Sustainable Development.”

The Science Month, which is celebrated every November, aims to showcase the scientific-mindedness of VDTALCians.

This year, the creative minds of the Science Department came up with a new activity during the Science Month opening, which was the stairs cheering competition by grade level. Each batch, ranging from Grades 6 to 11, were pitted against each other in a feat of synchronized moves, costumes, and loud yells related to the theme.

The opening celebration marked a month full of activities that further strengthened the VDTALCians’ continuing love and interest in Science. The culmination program of the Science Month will be held on November 25 at the UB VDTALC Campus. (Jacqui Montevilla)

The students of Category A (Grades 6 to 8) were awarded the following: Grade 8 - Most Relevant Performance, Grade 6 - Best in Musicality and Best in Costume, and Grade 7 - Best Chant, Best in Choreography and Overall Best in Execution.

Meanwhile, the awards garnered by the batches in Category B (Grades 9 to 11) are as follows: Grade 9 - Best in Costume, Grade 10 - Most Relevant Performance, and Best in Musicality and Grade 11 - Best Chant, Best in Choreography, and Overall Best in Execution.

All the grade levels were successful in the execution of their stairs cheer, and each batch had something up their sleeves to surprise the judges, from the stellar choreography of the Grade 7 level to the artistic mural used as props by the Grade 10 level.