UB graduating studes celebrate Handuraw 2019

The University of Bohol (UB) recently held the Handuraw 2019 last October 18, 2019, at the UB Gymnasium. Handuraw, a Bisayan term which means reminiscence, was an activity of the University of Bohol for its October 2019 graduating students.

The first part of the event was the thanksgiving and remembering for the graduating UBians. The Vice President for Academics Dr. Lumin T. Pamaran, gave a message where she implored students to recognize the importance of patience and to aim high.

One of the highlights was the closing of the time capsule or the capsule of success. Inside the capsule were the individual students’ prophecies of themselves, of what they will become five years from now. Then, the students gave their deans and teachers a token expressing their gratitude for guiding and nurturing them in the course of their stay at the university. Afterwards, the students also received a token, to serve as a reminder that they will always be a part of the UB family.

The latter part of the activity saw the graduating students participate in some fun games organized by the UBSSG, followed by a party that saw the students jamming and dancing along to the music of a live band.

Among those present during the event were the members of the UB Board of Trustees, deans of the different colleges, and the officers of the alumni association.

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