UB studes undergo disaster prep and emergency skills training

As a proactive initiative, the University of Bohol - National Service Training Program (NSTP) successfully conducted a one-day school-based Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Skills Training to its students last September 21, 2019, at the UB Instructional Research Center.

Cesar J. Merencillo, Jr., UB’s NSTP Officer-in-Charge welcomed the participants to the event. Dr. Annaliza L. Faculnan, Administrative Director of Rescue 117 and overall coordinator, presented the training overview to the participants before the actual skills training workshop.

The training workshop culminated with impressions from selected NSTP students. Cristel F. Calculan, one of the facilitators, made the response on behalf of the training staff while Francis Paul Butal, NSTP Instructor, delivered the closing remarks.

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