Kukabildo in Kwentas Klaras

The desire of the University of Bohol - College of Liberal Arts to achieve its vision of being a leader in liberal arts and science education has created a need to better equip its teachers with the knowledge, skills, and perspective for further effectivity in their profession. This is because the demands of the academe require morally attuned and socially sensitive teachers who can understand and deal with the present social issues with a broader scope of perspective and a stronger sense of professionalism.

To face these demands, the College of Liberal Arts requires its teachers to undergo immersion programs in different industries to improve their competence when being confronted with social problems and moral decline. Thus, teachers were immersed in various industries all over the province and beyond where their classroom knowledge and inputs were put to the test.

To this end, Liberal Arts teachers designed a faculty project called “Kukabildo,” which is a discussion revolving around social and national issues. And to widen the project scope, select faculty members did their immersion in the Kwentas Klaras radio program. Kwentas Klaras is a primetime flagship public affairs program of DYTR, a radio broadcasting company in Bohol.

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