Cultivating Excellence Achieving Greater Heights

"Character can be taught and learned in a sports setting. A sport experience can build character." - University of Bohol President Victoriano B. Tirol III, Ph.D

Cultivating Excellence
Achieving Greater Heights

The theme of this year's UB Days celebration is exemplified in the former captain of the UB Rockets Swimming Team, Rian Marco Adiong Tirol, who is among the few athletes chosen to represent the Philippines in the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in December.

A week of friendly competitions in athletics, academic, literary, musical, and dance, the fun-filled celebration of the UB Days has always been a most-awaited event in the university. Geared towards molding strength of character and culture of excellence, it is regarded not only as an extra-curricular activity but also co-curricular, providing students with learning experience outside the classroom walls.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, UB President Victoriano "Ryan" Tirol, III, PhD., states: "Here in the University of Bohol, we value not just academic excellence, but we also put premium on the physical well-being of the students. As the famous adage goes, "Mens sana in corpore sano'; which means a "healthy mind in a healthy body''. To achieve a healthy mind, one has to have a healthy body. The two must go hand in hand to achieve to greater heights in every endeavor."

He also emphasized the time honored principle that, "Character can be taught and learned in a sports setting. A sport experience can build character, but only if the environment is structured and a stated and planned goal is to develop character."

Even in the planning stage as well as in the execution of the activities, students have been involved and trained to handle similar events. It was a collaborative effort of the Supreme Student Government, Work Scholar Organization. Campus Students Organization, ROTC, Criminology Interns, College of Hospitality Management Tourism and Nutrition Interns, College of Business and Accountancy Dean's Listers with the support of the UB Administration, General Services Unit, Finance Department, Academic Affairs, Student Personnel Services, Student Affairs Office and private sponsors.

The UB Days was capped with a street parade along the city's major thoroughfares yesterday and the recognition and awarding of winners and achievers. The College of Criminal Justice emerged as the over-all champion, followed by the Senior High School, 1st Runner Up and the Victoriano D. Tirol - Advanced Learning Center (VDT-ALC) as 2nd Runner Up.

MR AND MISS UB PERSONALITY 2019. Left to right: 4th Runners-up Ma. Vena Ramos, College of Business and Accountancy and Jack Green, Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center; 2nd Runners-up Julia Acebes, Senior High School and Paul Pegi, College of Business and Accountancy; Mr and Miss UB Personality 2019 Carl Joeil/e Tentativa, College of Nursing and Andrew Baker, Senior High School; 1st Runners-up Reigelle Eva Maglajos, Teachers College and Cromwell Lariosa Jr., College of Architecture and Fine Arts; 3rd Runners-up God's Praise Chioma Eze Prophet, Junior High School and Gibson Salamana, Graduate School and Professional Studies.