UB Forensics Lab: where future CSIs are honed

The University of Bohol – College of Criminal Justice aims to produce skilled and globally competent professionals in the field of Criminology. To that end, it has constructed a new Forensic Science Laboratory or Forensics Lab for its students. The Forensics Lab boasts highly-modernized facilities to train budding Criminologists, Law Enforcers and Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) in the areas of forensics and crime detection.

Located on the 3rd floor of the University of Bohol Science and Technology Building, the Forensics Lab is divided into six areas. There is the Interrogation Room with its very own observatory in which a one-way dark tinted mirror is placed in between, with hidden microphones and soundproof walls in the interrogation room and a speaker in the own observatory. The interrogation room also houses a modern digital polygraph machine.

Meanwhile, the Firearm Identification Laboratory houses the new bullet recovery box and the bullet comparator apparatus. The Fingerprint Examination Laboratory, on the other hand, contains the fingerprint identification kit, fingerprint pattern charts and long tables specially designed for fingerprint liftings.

Also found on the premises is the Questioned Document Examination Laboratory with the ultraviolet light machine to determine the characteristics of authenticity in a questioned document and the pica and elite plates. There is also a Dark Room for actual film processing.

In addition, the college also features a Crime Scene Room intended for crime scene reconstruction and processing; a Mock Trial Court, an exact replica of a courtroom for simulation of court proceedings; and a Dojo Room designed for Karatedo and Arnis training complete with mats and gears.

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