ILLUMINADA’S HOME: Honing UB’s Future World-Class Hoteliers

Illuminada’s Home occupies a significant niche within the University of Bohol. As one passes by, it entices the eye because of the bustle behind those glass walls as service refinements are executed under firm but patient instructions. And it entices the palate when a salivating aroma is emitted from its kitchen exhausts as future chefs concoct and perfect their recipes. It may just be a small place, but if you step into its confines, you can see every nook and cranny throbbing with activity.

Located at the ground floor of the administration building, this “home,” as it is called, is divided into four different areas. There is the cozy front office and lobby where learners polish their guest handling abilities; the room, housekeeping, and laundry area where students are taught how to run a clean and well-kept establishment; the 40-seater function room and bar where food and beverage service skills are refined; and the hot kitchen where the pot boils to reveal concoctions of various mouth-watering cuisines, in tandem with the cold kitchen where sandwiches, cold cuts, and salads are prepared. Is that the smell of cakes and pastries in the air? Just trace the aroma right to its very source: the baking area.

In this university, we do not just aim to mold intelligent professionals. We want to hone skillful experts, and Illuminada’s Home is where we do it.

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