UB – CHMTN Holds Cultural Show

The freshmen and juniors of the College of Hospitality Management, Tourism and Nutrition (CHMTN) recently made the UB Quadrangle pulsate with life as they partnered to organize a cultural show with Filipino Cuisine last September 21, 2018.

The show which had the theme, “Pagbalik Tanaw sa Makulay na Kulturang Pilipino Gamit ang Turismo at Teknolohiyang Pabago-bago,” involved participants from the THC1 (Macro Perspective of Hospitality and Tourism) and the Asian Cuisine and Events Management 1 classes. It intended to raise awareness among the youth on the proper utilization of technology for the preservation of our native culture and arts.

The growth of technology these past few years gave birth to social media in the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Over the years, the trend of borrowing culture from other nationalities, or acculturation, has become a norm of our society. The authenticity of our original culture has been diluted through intercultural mix-up and has slowly been replaced by foreign influences.

The UNTWO or the United Nations World Tourism Organization recently created a theme for the Tourism month this year which was titled “Tourism and the Digital Transformation.” This theme gives a flicker of hope towards reeducating our youth on our own culture utilizing technology.

The journey to make this show successful was not easy. The students endured stress from the start in researching purely Filipino songs and dances. Added to this were the pressures of the practices for the stage performers and the kitchen tests for the food preparers in pursuit of the best results. However, their hard work was not in vain because of the highly successful outcome. The audience was entertained and delighted despite the torrential downpour of rain and the raging wind during the course of the show. The audience bore witness to how the students enjoyed the reenactment of our cultural dances as well as the authentic preparation of native dishes.

The beauty of all these efforts was that they both learned and enjoyed at the same time. Such is a feeling associated with one of the taglines here in the university, and that is #happy@UB.

- Ramon B. Felisilda Jr.
CHMTN Faculty

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