UB Studes Join Coastal Cleanup

University of Bohol (UB) students led by the current Mr. UB Personality and Ms. UB Personality together with the Supreme Student Government and the Student Affairs Office Dean joined hands with doctors, businessmen, tourists, backpackers and members of local and international environmental groups for a beach cleanup in Barangay Alegria, Loay, Bohol last August 18, 2018. The monthly cleanup organized by the staff of Alona Hammocks and Batuan Hammocks Hotel was done in support of the Plastic-Free Bohol movement's fight against global plastic pollution.

UBians have seen for themselves the harrowing reality on plastic pollution affecting the province of Bohol, specifically in its coastal barangays. A horrendous 389.47 pounds (177 kg) of plastic trash was taken off the mangrove areas of Alegria by the 30 plus volunteers after an hour of cleaning.

Plastic pollution due to overconsumption and irresponsible disposal of single-use plastics have had a detrimental effect on the water system and marine life in the province. Past reports have shown that some sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life who washed up on shore died after ingesting plastic, having mistaken it for food.

It has been noted that one of the best places to spread awareness and promote lifestyle change is at school and as the premier university in Bohol, the school inculcates community service among its students.

This global problem has captured the attention of millions of concerned individuals, and the UB volunteers have committed themselves to act upon the problem and help spread awareness in the campus. This is just the beginning and definitely will not be the last time that the UB community will be supporting environmental-related causes.

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