Hong Kong University Adopts UB CESO's Poverty Alleviation Program

A poverty alleviation program of the University of Bohol - Community Extension Service Office dubbed as the Adopt a Barangay Program has gained the attention of a group of volunteer students from the University of Hong Kong who intend to replicate and integrate it with their community interventions in Bohol.

The visiting Chinese students after their courtesy call with UB President Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol, III formally introduced the Bohol Multi-Approach Community Engagement Project or Bohol MACE Project as a response to the issues identified by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Hong Kong University in 2017. Through its consultancy service in local micro-business in a barangay in Bohol in 2017, the group has identified important issues that may help in poverty alleviation if properly addressed. The same group admitted their lack of communication skills with the community and their local connections.

Left Photo – UB President Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol, III (4th from left) together with the University of Hongkong students (5th & 6th from left) show the Memorandum of Agreement forging partnership between the two universities. Right Photo - The actual immersion with the community.

With the formal partnership of the two universities, University of Bohol students will work hand in hand with the Chinese student volunteers in implementing the Bohol MACE Program vis-à-vis the Adopt a Barangay Program. Under the agreement, the partners will conduct workshops on Health and Nutrition, Social Media Usage, Anti-Discrimination Education, Women Empowerment and Exploration for Adopt a Barangay Program for next year. The Chinese students will also have their immersion in identified barangays.

Just last month, a group of eight Education students and two professors from Hoseo University in South Korea paid a courtesy call to the UB President. The visiting Koreans from the CK Team for Early Literacy Education forged a formal agreement with UB on cooperation and exchange of services for early literacy education based on Korean culture. - (labboncales/esales)

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