VP Admin’s Welcome Remarks for 2018 Employees' General Assembly

" Mr. President, Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol III, Vice President for Finance Dr. Maricel A. Tirol, OIC Vice President for Academics, Atty. Marlumina B. Teh, Members of the Academic and Administrative Council, Work family, team mates, good afternoon.

On this auspicious occasion, we at the UB family have gathered together to know and see each other, meeting the usual faces as well as the new and fresh employees. This year, some things have changed in our management. With leadership roles being turned over to the next generation, we have breathed new life into our vibrant University and we continue to exert effort to maintain our competitiveness within the region, the country and in South East Asia. We strive to continue to fulfill our visions and goals for the years to come.

We the employees, make our University’s achievements possible. We are the driving force behind this Institution’s success, and we were so ever since our humble beginnings. From the teaching staff that nurture and educate our students, to the non-teaching staff who guide and secure them, who keep are institution in tip-top shape, and to the management that runs this university, we all have a significant duty in this school. We should be proud that we are playing an important role in the education of the Boholano people, and all of us should do our work with passion and commitment.

This year has brought many new changes into our University, a good kind of change. And I am sure that this year has more challenges and obstacles for us to overcome not as individuals, but as a team. If we work as a team, with the right coordination and communication, we can fulfill our visions and goals.

Here in the University of Bohol, as all of you may know, we are extra-milers. We take the initiative in our respective jobs and roles. As extra-milers, we are all leaders in our own right. Why you may ask? As employees of the university, our students look up to us as their leaders and as a trustworthy example of a well-rounded individual. Not only that, but we also have a substantial influence to our fellow coworkers, therefore, we should strive to help them , listen to them, understand them and work together with them as a team.

We should be transformational leaders, or leaders that lead by example. A transformational leader is far from the definition of a “boss”. We, as transformational leaders should motivate our students and our fellow employees; we should treat them with respect and dignity. I persuade you all to be the transformational kind of leader a leader that is understanding and a leader that is ready to serve.

As I said earlier, we the employees make our Institution’s goals achievable. We should know that we are a defining asset of our University, and that we have a voice in our institution. We contribute to the radiant jewel that is the University of Bohol, our beloved University of Bohol.

Rest assured that we in the management will serve also as transformational leaders and we are more than ready to serve you our employees, our students and our community with a heart.

For our employees that have chosen to serve another year in this vibrant school, we welcome you back and we look forward for another year of working with you. And for the new employees, we sincerely welcome you to our big UB family. Together as a team, we all can move the mountains of challenges and obstacles with ease. Thank you and have a great day! " - Ria Eva M. Sevilla, MAHESOS, MPA