UB Stars in Asian Sustainable and Regenerative Research Confab

“Regenerative research as means for building sustainable communities”

Such was the theme of the recent Asian Conference on Sustainable and Regenerative Development 2018 held last April 9-11, 2018 at Bluewater Panglao Resort. The conference gathered local and international research practitioners to discuss studies and findings on a plethora of topics such as community-based ecotourism, ecology and conservation, biodiversity, conservation of heritage sites, indigenous culture and arts, action research interventions, challenges in tourism, health and safety and education among others.

The conference was a resounding success with a total of 100 research practitioners in attendance. The high turnout exceeded the expectations of the organizers led by the Asian Society of Teachers for Research (ASTR) in partnership with co-hosts: the University of Bohol (UB) through its University Research Center, the WOW Bali International Initiative and Warmadewa University of Bali, Indonesia.

The researchers and the institutions they represented were able to share experiences for sustainable and regenerative development of institutions and societies; learn new theoretical framework for regenerative development; and form partnerships and discuss future collaborations.

The second day saw the handing out of awards to the individual researchers and institutions who made an impression on the judges and audience not just during conference itself but for also having an impact on the research field as a whole.

Not content with resting on its past laurels in previous research confabs, co-host UB and its 26-person contingent won several major awards during the 3-day event. The university was recognized as Best in Research Ethics Review Implementation for being the pioneer in implementing research ethics review among all the higher educational institutions in the province.

For the individual awards, Dr. Leah Wilfreda Echavez-Pilongo, UB’s Dean of Research was named as Outstanding ASEAN Research Leader for her global and national research involvement in a multitude of areas over the years. While, Dr. Ammon Denis R. Tirol, UB’s Dean of Professional Studies won the Best Paper Award and Best in Oral Presentation for his study on the “Interplay of Self-Esteem, Values and Sexual Behaviors of Adolescents in Bohol, Philippines”.

Not to be outdone, the rest of the UB delegation wowed the judges during the presentation of their research studies. So much so that a number of them won Best in Oral Presentation during the awarding rites. Among the winning presenters for Best in Oral Presentation from UB were: Dr. Vida May T. De Juan, Sofila Lafuente-Gantalao, Maria Amy Fiel T. Racines and Christine Nicole C. Milca.

The strong showing of UB and its contingent further burnishes the research credentials of the institution. Giving it an added impetus as it aims to host its own international research festival within the year.