Stakeholders affirm UB strategy and curricular map

The University of Bohol organized a Strategy and Curricular Map Public Presentation on July 9, 2014 at UB Information Resource Center. There were 30 representatives from the alumni, business sector, government agencies, parents who critiqued the newly approved University Roadmap and Curricular Map of the College of Business and Accountancy, Teachers College and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Acting UB President, Atty. Nuevas T. Montes presented the articulated profile of the UB graduates and explained how the university will nurture its students towards a great future. “Amidst the educational structural changes that colleges and universities face in the country, we take up the challenge positively and nurture our students for a great future“, she emphasized. “This time, our curricular map is solidly backed by data through research, consultations, workshops and dialogs, making us articulate the UB student roles, competencies and values“, Dr. Montes added.Said directions would reinforce UB’s commitment to quality education and effectively address the multifarious problems private colleges and universities face.

The participants appreciated the strategies presented. DepEd Curriculum experts, Dr.Wilfreda Bongalos and Dr. Evangel Luminarias congratulated UB for presenting a well-articulated strategy and curriculum. They further gave suggestions to further enhance the curriculum.Ms. Josephine Relampagos, Provincial Government’s Human Resource Director expressed the need of constant upgrading of measures and standards in the workplace. Reportedly, 75% of the province’s workforce graduated from UB. Mr. Dionisio Cabrera, Vice President of the First Consolidated Bank affirmed the emphasis of the value on honesty and how values are strategically integrated from first year to senior year.

In closing Atty. Handel Lagunay, distinguished UB alumni, congratulated his alma mater for the continued commitment to quality education. He cannot imagine the hard work and dedication that the technical working groups poured into the said endeavor since 2012. “This is a symbolic act of renewal and strength for a 68 year old institution“, he further underlined.