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UB Forensics Lab: where future CSIs are honed

The University of Bohol – College of Criminal Justice aims to produce skilled and globally competent professionals in the field of Criminology. To that end, it has constructed a new Forensic Science Laboratory or Forensics Lab for its students. The Forensics Lab boasts highly-modernized facilities to train budding Criminologists, Law Enforcers and Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) in the areas of forensics and crime detection.


UB Nursing cohosts Int’l Nurses Research Confab

The University of Bohol - College of Nursing (UB-CON) recently co-hosted the 8th International Conference of Nurses (ICONS 8) Research Forum last November 23, 2018, at Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City. The conference which had the theme "Reshaping Towards Quality Health Care Practices Through Research-Informed innovations" drew nurse researchers from across the country and participants from Hongkong and Japan.


New UB President assumes post

TAGBILARAN CITY - In a historic ceremony, Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol, III formally assumed office as the Fifth President of the University of Bohol last December 11, 2018, at the Bohol Cultural Center, this city.


UB Nursing Skills Lab: A state-of-the-art hub for future nurses

Located at the 4th floor of the University of Bohol Diamond Building, the Nursing Skills Laboratory or Skills Lab is a conducive and realistic clinical environment wherein Nursing students get to practice the application of operating room procedures, delivery room techniques, basic handwashing, bed making, bed bathing and hand washing.

The Nursing Skills Lab is a prime example of the College of Nursing’s commitment to producing globally-competent nurses. It is an essential bridge between classroom learning and real-world nursing practice simulating the major areas in a hospital setting such as Delivery Room (DR), Operating Room (OR), Nursing Station, Central Supply Room (CSR), Emergency Room (ER), General Ward, Ortho Ward and Communicable Ward.